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St Laurence, Appleton

is a registered Fairtrade Church




Coronavirus Support


To the residents of Appleton, Eaton and Besselsleigh


The leadership of St Laurence Church, the Appleton with Eaton Parish Council, the Besselsleigh Parish Meeting and the Community Shop have together been discussing how individually and collectively they can provide informal help and support to the community during the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic.



Whilst the situation may change, the telephone numbers and email addresses below are initial points of contact should you need help with the following:


Collections from the Village shop

Jane Cranston       01865 863681  - [email protected]

Laura Olver            01865 865341  - [email protected]


Urgent collections e.g. prescriptions

Tim Jack                 01865 864900 - [email protected]


Pastoral support from the church e.g. prayer support /counselling

Roger Mitty            01865 863794  - [email protected]


Neighbourly Support


Mary Carey            07812 354496  - [email protected]

Liz Gilkes               01865 863640  - [email protected]



Tian Davidson       01865 864578  - [email protected]

Nicki Clarke           07811 922198  - [email protected]



Jane Cranston       01865 863681  - [email protected]

Elaine McKno        01865 764998  - [email protected]




We are in the process of creating an informal network of good neighbours to provide help and

support when necessary. If you are able to offer to help with any of the following:


Collections / Deliveries / Shopping / Transport / Neighbourly support / Volunteering in the village shop please email with your contact details (tel. and address).


For Appleton with Eaton:      [email protected]

For Besselsleigh:                  [email protected]

Please also remember to indicate what you would be prepared to help with.


We understand there are many good neighbours out there and if you are already in close contact with someone who is elderly, self isolating or vulnerable please let us know to avoid duplication of effort.

All involved in this support wish to make it VERY clear that they are committed to adhering to the Government’s isolation policy and all other Government and NHS guidelines.


For up to date official information please refer to or