in the name and love of God


St Laurence, Appleton

is a registered Fairtrade Church




- A Data Subject may request a copy of all data we hold about them.


- They can do this by writing to

PCC Secretary ℅ The Rectory, Oaksmere, Appleton OX13 5JS

with satisfactory identification.


- We will inform the Diocesan Secretary and the Registrar whenever we receive a ‘SAR’ (Subject    Access Request).


- We will respond within 30 days listing the data we hold about them in each of the       following places: computer and file or, stating that we do not hold any information about them.




- On being notified of an error in the data we will correct data held on computer and paper records and report to the data subject that the data is corrected.  Where information is disputed and the original record upheld (such as in the instance of minutes), a note will be added stating the data subject’s request.





- 'SAR’ received by PCC Secretary and satisfactory identification obtained and request acknowledged.

- PCC Secretary will inform the Diocesan Secretary and the Registrar.

- PCC Secretary will email all relevant subgroups requesting a copy of all relevant data with  heading e.g. Spreadsheet: Heading and line of spreadsheet to be returned within 14 days.

- PCC Secretary will then respond with data to data subject within further 14 days.





If a data breach is identified, we will


- Report immediately to the PCC Secretary as Data Compliance Officer  who will

- Notify the Diocesan Secretary, the Diocesan Registrar immediately, and, if advised by   them that the breach meets reporting criteria, the Information Commissioner within 72 hours.

- Analyse severity and impact and decide how to address the problem

- Contact people whose data may have been accessed.

- Review policies, procedures and training

- Report back to the PCC.





Data Subject Request Policy

Data Correction

Data 'SAR' Request Procedure

Data Breach Procedure