in the name and love of God


St Laurence, Appleton

is a registered Fairtrade Church





The following policy was agreed at the PCC meeting on 16th May 2017.


1. This Parish is committed to the recognition of each person’s skills, experience and qualifications. We shall attempt to ensure that these are fully considered in the recruitment and appointment of paid staff and volunteers.


2. We shall assess all positions (whether for paid staff or volunteers) in order to determine whether a check is required from the Disclosure and Barring Service and, if so, at what level. For those positions requiring a Disclosure, we shall indicate in any advertisement (or other information about the position) the level of check and make clear that any offer of position will be subject to the receipt of satisfactory information from the DBS.


3. Where a position involves a DBS check, we shall encourage all applicants invited to an interview to provide details of any criminal record before the interview.


4. We shall obtain DBS checks for volunteers through an appropriate registered body and shall advise the Diocese which registered body we use.


5. If the Diocese advises that a DBS check contains information relevant to the position, we shall work with Diocesan staff to assess the risks and agree a course of action.


6. We shall follow Diocesan guidance on the renewal of applications for DBS checks.


7. We shall ensure that DBS check information is passed only to those entitled to receive it.


8. We are committed to the fair and sensitive use of DBS check information. We shall refer to the Diocese any complaints about the DBS check process or the accuracy of DBS check information so that appropriate action can be taken; this may involve the use of the formal complaints procedure.


9. In dealing with all matters relating to Disclosure, we shall comply with the Disclosure and Barring Service’s Code of Practice. We shall also comply with Diocesan policies and follow Diocesan procedures and guidance.


Safe Recruitment & DBS Checks